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Behind the Scenes: Our New Look From Love Detailed

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As a wedding planner and designer, so much of my work is done in person with the couples who completely trust me with their vision. Together, we dream about color palettes and personalized details, venues that will beautifully match their personal aesthetic, and menus that will look just as delicious as they taste. We carefully curate a team of wedding professionals to pull together each detail in a seemingly effortless way, and I always countdown until I’m able catch the reaction as my couples see their vision come to life in person for the very first time–my job and role feel like magic.

A few months ago, I began to feel a pull to review my goals and update my website and branding to represent the version of Caroline Dutton Events my couples have grown to know and love. I wanted my online home to feel classic and timeless, just like my personal style. I wanted it to represent the fact that I’m forever in love with navy & gold, obsessed with the details as well as coffee, and truly devoted to ensuring a fabulous experience for my couples. My goal was to find a branding team who would not only create a beautiful space for my growing company, but to also showcase me–the owner, planner, designer, and always-on-the-go hustler behind all of the pretty!

I feel so fortunate to have found my dream team in Love Detailed. Together, we reviewed my goals, and I was able to prioritize my current and future action steps to ensure I’m staying on a path I believe in. We talked about color palettes and inspiration boards, and I remembered what it’s like to be on the other side of a final design reveal! Each and every step I took with the Love Detailed ladies allowed me to see the direction I knew my couples were experiencing in person come to life online, and it’s one of the sweetest experiences I’ve had to date.

Though it sounds exciting (and the end result definitely is!), updating a website & brand is hard work, friends. But, I’m thrilled to share my updated online home with each of you. Make sure to take a peek around; the portfolio page is one of my favorites because nearly every classic wedding style is represented, and I also love to reread the lovely notes couples send to me on the CDE Love page! Welcome to my version of timeless-a navy-filled palette, classic photography, and details that feel like me.  The Caroline Dutton Events experience is now the same online as it is in person (though meeting face-to-face will forever be my favorite!), and I could not be more proud to welcome you to my new home on the web. Please take a look around, I’d love to hear your favorite parts of the new site! 

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