Lead Planner & Designer

After years of experience in marketing, public relations, and corporate events, I brought together a lifelong love of both details and design to launch my own planning firm.

A proud graduate of the University of Southern California, I'm now based on the east coast in D.C. with my husband and Yorkshire terrier, Humphrey.

Classic and timeless
(especially with a modern twist),
is always appropriate

Classic and timeless
(especially with a modern twist), is always appropriate and

our motto

and perfectly chic.

No matter the season, I’m a proud iced-coffee drinker (preferably, cold brew). Even in D.C.’s infamous Snowmaggedon, I bypassed a hot cup of joe. I prefer my wine chilled too, and believe you can never go wrong with a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Favorite THINGS

a few of my

03. ALways Ice-Cold:  


I’m always in a constant state of movement and typically thinking of my next getaway. While the usual favorites like Paris are always fabulous, some of my best trips have been further away and less common like Cape Town and Stellenbosch in South Africa, and the Maldives. Since I’m perpetually planning a future adventure, recommendations are always welcome.

02. Discovering New: 

Travel spots

I have the best dog in the world—Humphrey, a little (four-pound) Yorkie that has lived on both coasts (I found him in L.A.!) but much prefers the East to the West... even in the cold.

01. The Cutest YORKIE:


Some may consider it terrible, but I love a good "bad" tv show as a way to decompress—sign me up for anything on Bravo or a true crime show!

04. Guilty Pleasure: 

Terrible tv

I’m a firm believer that a high-low approach to fashion keeps things interesting, and that accessories—whether a fabulous handbag or statement earrings—can elevate any outfit. It's just the right touch!

05. THE POWER OF:   


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