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Ceremony Details

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Your wedding is all about you and your partner. And when the big day finally arrives, your ceremony should be a reflection of the love that you share for one another—and, most importantly, it should feel like you as a couple.
When designing your ceremony space, keep in mind that it sets the tone for the rest of the wedding! Surrounded by your family, friends and loved ones, your ceremony will be a moment in time that you hold dearly in your memory forever. And that you’ll have lots of pictures of as well!

So, when envisioning your ceremony, be authentic to your personality as a couple. If you gravitate towards a more traditional look, be true to yourself. Or, in this instance, if you enjoy pops of color and a more organic look—go for it! There are many ways to add elements of color in a tasteful way. Our bride Diane worked with the talented Wild Green Yonder to design a space that was elegant and perfect for them as a couple, as well as their Sunday brunch ceremony. Lining your aisle with small arrangements is a fantastic way of mixing in your wedding party color palette. When it comes to your ceremony backdrop or huppah, incorporate fresh florals and candles to create an elevated look. In this case, once the ceremony was complete, we flipped the space for brunch and the florals and candles on the fireplace served as a perfect backdrop to the sweetheart table. Utilizing florals from your ceremony is not only a great way to save money, but an easy way to bring continuity to your vision.

By designing a ceremony that fulfills your vision and stays true to your personality, you’ll be sure to not only have the ceremony you’ve always imagined, but one that is truly unique and meaningful to you as a couple—memories to last a lifetime!

XO, Caroline

Photography: Mike Snyder | Venue: Josephine Butler Parks Center | Floral Design: Wild Green Yonder

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