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How to Create a Wedding Website Your Guests Will Love

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Wedding websites make it easy for your guests—and even easier for you—to stay on top of all of the details. You know your wedding website is a winner when a guest asks you a question, and you can quickly refer them to your site for the answer! Simply put, sites are a fabulous way to keep all of your wedding weekend information in one place.

There are several ways to create a wedding website and I have several favorites. Riley & Grey’s sites are gorgeous, I adore Appy Couple (the fact that guests can download your unique app is so fun!), and I’m also drawn to Squarespace (you may recognize this name–a number of your favorite brands are likely built on Squarespace platforms!).

These three options have costs associated while With Joy and Minted both have easy-to-design wedding website options that are free while still looking beautiful.

Once you decide on your platform and the key features you want your website to have, the next step is to think about the key pieces of information your guests will visit your website to find. Here are our suggested must-haves:

Your story: Your story is one of the most exciting pieces on your wedding website, and we can guarantee each of your guests will pop over to this page! Your story doesn’t have to be long, but it is important to include your favorite details–where and how you met, the story of your engagement, and a few things you love to do together. These pieces offer a nod to a few potential details guests may expect to see on your wedding day, plus it’s a fun way for partners or spouses who may not know you well yet to feel as though they do before your soiree! Another important detail? A photo (or two!) from your engagement session with your photographer.

Your wedding: Writing a lot of text on this page is not in your best interest. Instead, think in terms of bullet pointing information. Times, locations, transportation options, hotel accommodations, and a description of your desired attire will all help guests. 

Wedding Party: Including your wedding party on their own page on your wedding website is a great way to introduce the most special people in your life! Whether you ask them to introduce themselves in their own words on your site or decide to describe each relationship yourself, this piece allows guests to place stories with faces, names, and roles before your wedding day even begins! Plus, your wedding party will love feeling honored.

Things to Do: While your wedding will be the main event attracting guests and holding their attention, those traveling from out of town will likely want to explore. On this page, include a few of your tried and true favorite things to do in the city. From the arts to sports, try to mention a few different types of activities to keep everyone’s unique interests in mind. Also include your favorite places to eat and explore! If you are including a custom map with your invitations, this is the perfect place to add it again because it will give context to all of your suggestions. 

Photos: Think about including more photos from your engagement session here as well as those you have snapped together throughout your relationship. Include photos from places you love to enjoy together, especially if you’re recommending them on your Things to Do page, as well as additional photos of your bridal party and your families if you wish. Visuals are always key because they tell your story in movement, color, and time! Tip: If you’re including a number of photos within the other pages on your site, you may not want to add a page of photos, which is completely fine.

Registry: Whether your guests plan to purchase a gift for you and your love in a store or prefer to shop online, linking to each of your registries will help tremendously! Guests love to feel educated and be able to plan ahead, and searching through your registries early will allow them to choose their gift thoughtfully. 

RSVP: Mailing back a response card is still the formal way to respond to a wedding invitation; however, responding online is also very popular. Even just noting guests can RSVP through your website, you will automatically garner initial interest in visiting your site. Another huge plus is many wedding websites also provide you with a spreadsheet filled with guests’ information (think names, meal choices, and more) that you can have on hand to forward to your calligrapher & wedding planner.

How to implement: When you send out save-the-dates, have your wedding website ready to go with as many details as you have at the moment–even if it’s just a photo of the two of you and the wedding date! Add a note on the save-the-date with your website, and once they’re on the site, make it known that this is where your guests will be able to get full, up-to-date information about your wedding. Win-win!

We love that wedding websites are a great way to keep your wedding weekend information all in one location and make it easy for your guests. A perfect way to add to the guest experience is to have well-informed and happy wedding guests!

Think of your wedding website as your own personal corner of the internet! Enjoy the design process, indulge in reliving your story, and make sure to revisit the moments included in each of your photos. You’re creating a piece guests will love because they’re informed, but your website is also an experience you should adore too.

How are you envisioning your story on your wedding website? We’ve love to hear and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Happy planning!

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