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I could go on for hours about my experience with Caroline Dutton Events-- flawless from beginning to end. She thought of EVERYTHING and has such an eye for design and presentation, but also keeps the guest experience in mind to tactfully plan out a well-executed and guest-centric event. Caroline made me feel like I was her only bride. That speaks volumes about her and her genuine passion for what she does and her clients. Wedding day was perfection--she was the perfect mix of energy for the day and a calming presence. I had the most STRESS-FREE wedding day because I knew Caroline had my back covered on everything! My entire family and I were able to be fully present and enjoy the entire weekend because we had Caroline & her team helping us out so much. There just is not a better planner who cares so much about her clients and provides such a wonderful experience. Thank you Caroline!

                                                                                                        Rachel, Bride

Having Caroline as my wedding planner was a HUGE factor in how smoothly my wedding went. She is amazing...and I cannot express how much she helped out on the big day itself. She is so pleasant, funny, and personable that you forget that she is also extremely efficiently running the show...she got my Indian wedding, with all my Indian relatives and friends, to actually be on time! She also dealt with a lot of small emergencies behind the scenes, without my even knowing. I cannot thank her enough. If you hire Caroline Dutton Events, it will be one of the smartest decisions you will make for your wedding!

                                                                                                        Shelia, Bride

Working with Caroline was the smartest decision we made in our wedding planning process! As a bride who had a very clear vision for our wedding day, but no clue how to handle the logistics, Caroline’s month-of wedding management package was the perfect fit. Caroline’s calm demeanor and impeccable attention to detail kept us, and our parents, at ease as we approached our wedding day. Not only did Caroline respectfully manage all of our many vendors, but with any challenge that arose, she did not come to us without a solution already in place—this was SO appreciated in that final month! Because I knew Caroline had everything under control and understood my vision for our wedding day, I was able to fully enjoy and absorb every moment—that is invaluable! I will forever sing Caroline’s praises!

                                                                                                   Angelina, Bride

Hiring Caroline was the smartest decision that we made for our wedding day. I am (very) type A and particular, so I was nervous to hand over the control one month before our wedding and let someone else take over with the final details, coordination, and vendor communication. Our venue had an in-house coordinator, but I wanted an additional person (Caroline Dutton) to allow for me to take a step back from the planning and enjoy the last month of our engagement--and most importantly, our wedding day. This decision made the final month enjoyable, and Caroline took control to ensure that the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception was perfect. No matter how many curveballs or requests were thrown her way, Caroline made it happen. Caroline’s attention to detail and unbelievably professional (and friendly!) customer service makes her a must-hire. My husband and I were so lucky to work with Caroline and her team!

                                                                                                      Lindsey, Bride

Hiring Caroline was one of the best decisions we made while planning our wedding. She jumped right in to help us leading up to the wedding, proactively anticipated any potential issues and on our wedding day, was able to wrangle our large bridal party while handling items behind the scenes for us. We were so impressed with her skill, professionalism and attention to detail and, as a bride, I really appreciated knowing that she had things under control so I could focus on enjoying the day!

                                                                                                         Emily, Bride