The Importance of Registering for Classic Pieces

When it comes to the wedding planning process, it can be easy to forget—or just seem very overwhelming!—one of the most important steps: registering! While some couples today choose to register for a honeymoon fund, we’re still fans of the classic wedding registry. Your engagement signifies your commitment to one another and your soon-to-be union as a couple, starting your lives together. While you may have odds and ends—from furniture to glassware to kitchenware—from your first apartment or even from your college days, it’s time to create a home aesthetic that feels like you as a couple.

This is your time to talk about the direction you want to take your home. Are you more traditional or do you have more modern taste? Are you the entertainers in your social circle? These are just a few of the questions you will want to ask yourselves. Take a minute and discuss your goals for your future, starting with how you envision your home!

Registering for classic pieces is so important, and that can mean anything from registering for china, investing in classic pieces that you use on the weeknights, even if it’s a little more fancy than you would normally use—because, well, Tuesday’s should be celebrated, too!

China is a sentimental staple, and is a classic choice for your wedding registry. Besides the fact that your china can one day be passed down through generations, it also comes in handy. While you may not be hosting the holidays this year, you never know when your day to host will come. And honestly, I’m a big believer that china and cut crystal glassware also make for great additions to any party--crystal wine glasses look great with simple white Crate & Barrel plates! It’s all about layering; certain pieces really lend to all types of occasions.

And on that note, classic comes in many forms. I’ll be the first to admit that we didn’t register for china, as living in a condo on Capitol Hill doesn’t allow for tons of storage space. But, we did register for classic, yet modern pieces from Kate Spade that can easily be used alone (yes, even for takeout!), mixed and matched when we have company over, or elevated with some crystal stemware for a dinner party.

Classic pieces—whether it’s fine china or pieces you just love and will utilized for years—are always a great choice. Take a peak below at some of our favorite things to add to your wedding registry. We’d love to know what you’re registering for, comment below! 

XO, Caroline